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Our experience and vision allows us to create stable, long-term investments with attractive results in a recovering economy.

we create

Our experience allows us to identify assets with great earning potential. With our knowledge & expertise, we add value to the property and its community. The opportunities we create translate into attractive returns for our investors.

Himel Capital

We are a privately-held real estate development, investment and management firm with over $50 million of assets under management nationwide. Himel Capital was founded by Elliot Zemel, Esq. and Avery Hager, two entrepreneurial businessmen with significant backgrounds in the commercial real estate sector.

With more than 10 years of industry experience, our team is focused on creating stable, long-term investments for our clients. We work across the country to identify quality assets at discounted rates, enhance and improve these properties, and convert them into solid returns for our investors.

We are adept at locating distressed value add properties at low costs, and have demonstrated the vision to accurately project its earning potential.

With a hands-on management approach, we proactively seek creative solutions including capital structures and operational streamlining techniques to convert properties into attractive investments.

Elliot Zemel
CEO | Co-Founder
With a multi-generational background of real estate investing and management running through him, Elliot takes his compounding knowledge and applies it to overseeing and assisting in acquiring opportunities and assets to manage across the country. Elliot, a Licensed CA attorney hails from Loyola Law school with an emphasis on business finance, real estate, mergers and acquisitions and accounting. Elliot has used this background to create a diverse portfolio in real estate, technology and healthcare.
Avery Hager
Chairman | Co-Founder
Avery began his real estate career as a broker in a cut-throat New York City real estate arena. Closing over $250m in transactions during his tenure. From there Avery transitioned into a high level management position with Triangle Management and oversaw a billion dollar multifamily portfolio. There he successfully forged great relationships and was able to garner the tools and drive to break free from the ropes of brokerage into the world of a principal.
Los Angeles was where Avery found his opportunity to once again demonstrate his ability to generate leads on great deals and walk a team through the acquisition of value add assets. His years working with a boutique real estate firm in Los Angeles has refined his extensive knowledge and technique in managing assets in the various classes ranging from industrial, retail, warehouse and multifamily. His primary focus has turned to sourcing off market deals that require a certain amount of finesse in order to add value and realize the highest yield on his efforts, time, and money.

We have the vision to look past the current issues to see the full potential of properties & assets, as well as opportunites to improve them.

Complete transparency and full disclosure are the fundamentals of the way we do business, we’ll ensure the info needed is always available.

We operate responsibly and ethically and are committed to maintaining our integrity by being professional and fair.