Founded in 2006, Brand Networks delivers relevance-driven social marketing and advertising to 650 enterprise customers, including American Express, Gilt, Yahoo, Unilever and Discover.

Jamie Tedford – Founder & CEO – Marketing & Media Innovation – Arnold Worldwide; Vice President – Student Advantage.

        • In June 2016 Brand Networks was announced as a Snapchat Partner, according to a press release posted on the company’s website. (Press Release)
        • According to a press release posted on August 2015, Brand Networks  is among the very first Instagram Ads API Partners. (Press Release)
        • In February 2015 Brand Networks announced that it has been selected as a member of the new Facebook Marketing Partners program. (Press Release)
        • GUESS partnered with Brand Networks in August 2015 to expand cause Marketing success, according to a press release posted on MarketWired. (Press Release)
        • On April 2016 SAP announced that Brand Networks is the latest partner for SAP Anywhere. (Press Release)

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