Colabo Inc. provides multi-functional software products that enable professionals in small and large organizations to achieve business objectives, including lead qualification, lead generation, and trend prediction.

Asaf Wexler – Co-founder & CTO

Previous Experience: Sr. Director, R&D – VMware; CTO & Co-founder – B-hive Networks; Chief Architect – Breach Security; Developer, Team Leader, Group Manager – Gilian Technologies.

Yoav Dembak – Co-founder & CEO

Previous Experience: Sr. Director, Application Management – VMware; CEO & Co-founder – B-hive; Sales & Product Manager – Breach Security; Sales Engineer – Gilian Technologies.

Naama Halperin – Co-founder

Previous Experience: Site Director – VMware; Sales Manager & VP Operations – B-hive Networks; Director of HR & Ops – Gilian Technologies.

  • In June 2015 Colabo raised $7 Million in Series A funding round, as reported by VentureBeat.

Marker, Kaedan Capital, Paul Maritz, Ray Rothrock, The Hive, iAngels.